Radioactive Veteran

A new look at nuclear fallout in America


“Radioactive Veteran” is a documentary short about Marine Corps veteran Donald Guy and his widow Mary. When Donald was serving in the early 1950s, the military ordered him to the Nevada Test Site, where they had begun conducting nuclear testing. A few years later, Donald began experiencing serious medical issues resulting from radiation exposure and soon became disabled. For the rest of his life, he fought for disability benefits, but in 2009 he died before receiving his due compensation. However, Mary would not give up, and she continued Donald's fight for the next seven years.

Directed by Iraq War veteran and attorney Mark Wampler, "Radioactive Veteran" premiered at the 2016 DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival and has played at festivals across the country. 

A portion of all sales is donated to cover legal fees for veterans filing claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs.  

"Radioactive Veteran"
Documentary | North Carolina, USA | 2016
Running Time: 26 minutes
Language: English (CC)