Radioactive Veteran

A new look at nuclear fallout in America


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Mark Wampler (Director)

Mark Wampler is an Iraq War veteran and attorney in Durham, North Carolina. He majored in philosophy at Virginia Commonwealth University and earned his law degree from North Carolina Central University. Wampler began working on "Radioactive Veteran" while studying and volunteering at the Veterans Law Clinic during law school. He is currently developing a program to provide free legal services to veterans filing for disability claims with Veterans Affairs.


Bradley Bethel (Producer)

Bradley Bethe is an educator and film producer based in Mebane, North Carolina. He studied writing at The Ohio State University and earned a master’s degree in education from the University of Toledo. After working as a teacher and literacy specialist for six years, he began a new career in independent film. Bradley has produced multiple films, including the documentary shorts "Robeson Rises" (2018), and "The Maestro" (2018). As a producer for Green Hero Films, Bradley is currently producing or consulting on crowdfunding and social media for several other projects, including the documentary "The Last Partera."


Craig Kabatchnick (Executive Producer

Craig Kabatchnick is an attorney and the former director of the Veterans Law Clinic at North Carolina Central University. He has been working in veterans law since he graduated from the George Washington University Law School in 1982. In 2013, Kabatchnick published a law review article titled “Radioactive Veterans: A New Look at the Nuclear History of America," which led to the making of the documentary.